Ch-ch-ch-changes and help wanted!

As I’m learning to use the calendar plugin I’ve made some changes. There are now 3 calendars based on regions. Northern AZ (Flagstaff, etc), Southern AZ (Tucson, etc) and Central AZ (Greater Phoenix). I think this is enough geographical segmentation. You’ll find those 3 calendars under the “Calendars” menu item. The Central AZ calendar is the default home page. The events themselves are segmented much more, down to the city level. You can refine the calendar by selecting a category from the “Categories” button at the top of each calendar.

I’m looking for volunteers to help contribute to the site! I need admins for Tucson and Flagstaff to create and manage events in those regions. If you love calendars and aggregation, please get in touch:!

Welcome! We’re new here!

I’ve owned the domain for many years and I’ve finally found a proper use! Making people aware of bike events all over the valley. The problem I’ve found is that Facebook, though useful, is fragmented. I see lots of events come through my news feed but unless I “join” them all or remember them, not all show in my “Events” tab. Bummer! This site is meant to aggregate and allow non Facebook using organizations to post events, too.

You’ll find the calendar is fully functional, and the layouts I find attractive. The site itself is just using a basic theme right now, functional but not elegant. Bear with us as we change things up, but the calendar is the real focus here!